I am Sir Inge: Knight of the Faggotard Order, Plague Doctor, Grave Digger, Il Dottore of the 21st Century, Transsexual Autistic Contaminant, Auto-Guinea Pig, Multidisciplinary Fuckup, Masked Sewer Man, and all around autoerotic histrionic neurotic.

Think of this place as a laboratory. Or a theatre. Or a sewer. Same thing, really. It is my operating theatre. Here you will find my field notes, research fragments, power sources, and viscera.

It is a gory affair, and honestly, I wouldn't recommend following me. You do know what artistic underground masked men with trauma are like, right? Haven't you seen The Phantom of the Opera? Read V for Vendetta? Watched Saw? Played Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma? Repo! The Genetic Opera? Literally any Batman media???

Spoiler alert, but these men tend to be horrible people. Murder, torture, and not just normal stabbing or anything, it's always really elaborate and dramatic and over-engineered. Murder/torture isn't enough, they have to cause a revolution and change the world, or make artwork and opera out of it. And sure, you might feel bad for them, because they're actually quite traumatized and society was cruel to them and they've faced things like being shown in a circus or their wife dying or terminal illness or their parents being murdered or being experimented on or being stuck in a time loop or whatever. And it's true, society is cruel and they've been through a lot. The points they raise are generally correct, the problem is that their solution is to do torture-murder-art about it. Also like half of them are grooming women.

I'm exactly like that, but I haven't done literal murder, and I have a vagina. For now. So it's probably best not to follow me.